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Introducing Otomo App

We have been developing our App in Beta for the last few months, testing and improving our platform to make it user friendly for both providers and customers. Starting in 2019 to provide a web based marketplace for users to book full day rides across Indonesia, improving the way people find and book personal drivers.

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Mobile App for Android. Allowing drivers access to better and more consistent income from regular bookings instead of smaller one time bookings. At the same time also providing car and yacht owners a trusted platform to rent out their unused vehicles.

For riders, this allows for a much more efficient and reliable way of transport to and from work where you don’t have to worry about finding a last minute ride on top of surge charges and lack of nearby rides. Instead, your ride will always be right there, waiting for you. Stay healthy in the New Normal as well, using your regular preferred ride and freedom rather than taking your chances on each booking.

Now you can schedule your ride to work and back for the next week or the entire month, on your own schedule. Save on transport by sharing rides with your colleague to work or even send your family member to office before dropping you off in a single ride of your own.

Way better than buying your own car. All the benefits and freedom of owning one without the headaches and costs. Schedule rides on your own time and dates, giving you complete control on your schedule.

• Book rides directly from anywhere and everywhere, maybe even your neighbor’s.
• Choose from hourly or daily according to your own needs, on days you want.
• Widest range of options from cars, motorbikes, helicopters to private yachts.

For people who still prefer to buy their own car? Now you can cover your monthly car payments or simply earn some extra cash whenever you’re not using it, allowing you to consider an upgrade to a better model you dreamt of.

Join Otomo and discover the next generation automotive app that redefines how you commute daily.

Ensuring that you have your ride ready for you, every day at your own time.

Download now for Android!

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