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Jakarta’s odd-even policy update to affect drivers and car owners

Jakarta’s odd-even traffic rule has always been a headache for car owners and drivers in the city. The rule allows only cars with license plates ending with an even number on even calendar dates and vice-versa for odd dates to be used on affected roads.

The Jakarta Transport Agency (Dishub DKI) recently announced a major expansion of the odd-even rule by adding 16 new roads, increasing the total number of roads affected to 25 from the previous 9.

The odd-even rule will be enforced during weekday mornings from 6am-10am as before, but evening hours will also be expanded to 4pm-9pm (currently the odd-even is enforced until 8pm).

New Roads Added

– Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan
– Jalan Gajah Mada
– Jalan Hayam Wuruk
– Jalan Majapahit
– Jalan Sisingamangaraja
– Jalan Panglima Polim
– Jalan RS Fatmawati (starting from the intersection of Jalan Ketimun 1 to Jalan TB Simatupang)
– Jalan Suryopranoto
– Jalan Balikpapan
– Jalan Kyai Caringin
– Jalan Tomang Raya
– Jalan Pramuka
– Jalan Salemba Raya
– Jalan Kramat Raya
– Jalan Senen Raya
– Jalan Gunung Sahari

Existing roads

– Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat
– Jalan MH Thamrin
– Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
– Jalan Jenderal S Parman
– Jalan Gatot Subroto
– Jalan Jenderal MT Haryono
– Jl HR Rasuna Said
– Jl D.I. Panjaitan
– Jl Jendral A Yani

Source – Dishub DKI

What if I got caught?

Those found violating the regulation will be fined IDR 500,000 (US$35). Despite the official amount, foreigners driving yourselves may find yourself in the situation of a higher fine. We recommend just staying calm and firm to request for the official ticket from the officer, where they will also confiscate the car registration papers and driving licence.

What are the alternatives?

Before commuting to your destination, you can check through Google Maps to find the best route which takes into account the newly added roads affected by the policy. While not just finding the way around the restrictions, it also helps you to find the fastest route that you may not yet know of.

For those that may need to travel multiple places within the city, we recommend hiring a private driver through Otomo. The service helps by making sure you have a matching car on each of your days in town, saving you much time otherwise!

Local taxis and motorbikes are not subjected to the policy and thus is a great option should you require one way trips. GoJek and Grab cars are considered private owners and thus will be subjected to the odd even policy which means you may have some issues when booking rides during peak periods.

Use public transportation

This should go without saying, but commuting via public transportation or renting a vehicle is a sure way of avoiding the policy. Not only does it cut down on fuel usage, it helps you to save money for other traveling expenses. If you want to save more time, we’d recommend taking the new MRT!

It may appear tedious at first, but trust us, traveling in Jakarta will only get better with practice.

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