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Avoiding Indonesia’s traffic?

Traffic jam is a well known fact of life in Indonesia, especially in major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. Yet, life goes on for the locals as they navigate the traffic in seemingly never-ending queues of cars and motorbikes squeezing into every road.

It has become an internationally recognized factor about living in Indonesia, eclipsing that of even New York, Manila and Thailand’s traffic woes. The lack of a working public metro has only made things worse as construction for the train system is underway, reducing already small roads to even smaller ones.

Even efforts by the government to ease traffic by introducing policies such asTiga dalam satu” (which required cars to have 3 passengers or more), which was replaced by “Peraturan Ganjil-Genap” (Odd-Even car plate matching) did little to solve the jams. Which while reducing the amount of cars on the major roads means that more cars are now navigating through smaller alternative roads that caused traffic jams in other areas.

A typical 10 mins drive in most countries, could translate to 30 mins to even an hour of driving in Indonesia, which is why most locals opt to hire a driver instead of driving themselves. For tourist, that means time wasted in car which could have been used to explore more attractions in the country.

The alternative to riding a bike beating the cars is to opt for flying through the skies, where traffic jams is never a problem. Although unbeknownst to most, even the air traffic for international airports do suffer from “traffic jams” which results in jets circling around the airport and waiting on the runway for take off clearance.

Helicopters in Jakarta allows anyone to soar through the skies in just minutes across the city. Whereas private jets provide a much more comfortable experience for groups looking to fly both domestic and international routes. Our partners in Automo offers options from small helicopters such to even luxurious private jets like Hawker and Gulfstream.

Hawker 900XP

Hop aboard the luxurious setting of a Gulfstream provided by partners such as CEO Jetset, Transwisata and many more where comfort and experience is paramount to the services rendered.

Luxurious interior of CEO Jetset

They offer flights that go from city to city such as the popular Jakarta to Bali or Yogyakarta route as well as trips within the city such as helicopter transfers.

Now you do not have to worry about traffic jams anymore, if you choose to board one of our many luxurious aircraft options available here.

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