Blog Competition Results

During September, we held a blog competition where users of Automo described their experiences using Automo to help in their travels and automotive needs. We received great feedback and had a great time reading through the articles of many contributors.

We are pleased to announce the following winners and articles for your reading.

Automo Range of Automotives
Automo Range of Automotives
Blog Competition Results
1 – Firmansyah
2 – Andrie Kristanto
3 – Jovie Candra Purnama
4 – Akhmad Helmi Firmansyah
5 – Amelia Waruwu
Thank you all for your participation in the competition. We look forward to having more events coming up in the near future.
* Terima kasih untuk seluruh peserta kompetisi blog, dan terima kasih atas atensinya untuk
mengikuti kompetisi blog yang di adakan Automo.